Firm Down Alternative Pillow

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Our firm down alternative pillow has a 100% hypoallergenic microfiber fill, a super soft 100% cotton sateen shell and is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.

100% hypoallergenic microfiber fill
100% cotton sateen shell
OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

37 oz fill weight

46 oz fill weight

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What’s the best pillow for me?

This depends on your sleep position.

Stomach sleeper: Our soft pillow is best for you. The plushness of this pillow allows a stomach sleepers head to sink deeply into the pillow keeping your neck a neutral position

Back sleeper: Our medium pillow is best for you. The fill weight in this pillow is more supportive than our soft pillow, keeping a back sleepers neck slightly raised in a neutral position

Side sleeper: Our firm pillow is best for you. The side sleeper needs a lot of support to keep their neck in a neutral position. We over filled our firm pillow to provide enough support to keep the side sleepers neck in a proper position


Our goal is to make the highest quality bedding at the lowest possible price.

We know that luxury bed linens do not need to be prohibitively expensive. We start with the finest raw materials to ensure we end with the highest quality bedding, and our pricing is at least 30% – 50% below other luxury bedding brands.

We have no desire to be an exclusive luxury brand. We want to get the best bedding to the most people at an affordable price.

1 review for Firm Down Alternative Pillow

  1. Mary Jo

    A great alternative down pillow I purchased to use with the quilted linen/percale shams. Love them both and I have to say, best alternative down pillow we have ever owned.

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