100% Cotton Mattress Pad


Protecting your mattress just became more comfortable. Made of 100% cotton inside and out, the Bokser mattress pad allows for endless breathability and comfort, all while helping to extend the life of your mattress.

The full polyester elastic pocket fits mattresses up to 18 inches deep and creates a secure and quiet fit around your entire mattress. The quilted box stitch pattern prevents the 100% cotton fill from shifting, and the 233 thread count 100% cotton twill weave shell is wrinkle-resistant and super durable.

Bokser’s cotton mattress pad provides a protective layer to your mattress by helping to fend off spills, stains, sweat, and skin oil – letting you rest easy. Invest in a mattress pad that will keep your mattress safe and your family comfortable.

Pad made with 100% cotton inside and out for softness and breathability
Protects the life of your mattress from spills, stains, sweat, and more
Full polyester elastic pocket for easy application and a secure fit on mattresses up to 18 inches deep
Top and bottom directional labels for easier bed-making
Quilted pattern for even fill throughout

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What Makes Our Mattress Pad Different

When we set out to design our mattress pad, we noticed that most mattress pads on the market are filled with polyester, which creates a very hot sleeping experience, and that didn’t feel right to us. 

At Bokser, we believe the mattress pad is the foundation to your bedding and should be designed with as much thought as the rest of your bed.  It should protect your mattress and help regulate your temperature as you sleep.  For these reasons, our mattress pad has a 100% natural cotton shell and fill, no polyester.


We started Bokser Home to help more people love their bedding. We create home décor that is beautiful, responsibly sourced, and affordable.

Our goal is to make the highest quality bedding at the lowest possible price. We start with the finest raw materials to ensure we provide our customers with the highest quality bedding at an affordable price.

We have no desire to be an exclusive luxury brand, we believe in delivering quality, value, and responsibly sourced materials.

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