Soft Down Alternative Pillow


Our down alternative pillow has a 100% hypoallergenic microfiber fill, a super soft 100% cotton sateen shell and is Standard 100 by OEKO – TEX certified

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24 oz fill weight


31 oz fill weight

What’s the best pillow for me?

That depends on your sleep position. Stomach sleeper: Our soft pillow is best for you.  The plushness of this pillow allows a stomach sleepers head to sink deeply into the pillow keeping your neck a neutral position

Back sleeper:  Our medium pillow is best for you.  The fill weight in this pillow is more supportive than our soft pillow, keeping a back sleepers neck slightly raised in a neutral position Side sleeper:  Our firm pillow is best for you.  The side sleeper needs a lot of support to keep their neck in a neutral position.  We over filled our firm pillow to provide enough support to keep the side sleepers neck in a neutral position